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Regulatory Performance Committee

The Regulatory Performance Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Ahpra Board to strengthen the performance culture across the National Scheme, provide oversight and scrutiny of regulatory performance measures and data, and provide assurance that any organisational performance-related issues, including the consistency of data and statistics are being well managed.

The specific responsibilities of the Committee are to:

  • provide oversight of Ahpra’s management of regulatory performance, including registration, notifications and compliance matters 
  • provide advice on regulatory performance measures and Key Performance Indicators on timeliness, cost and quality 
  • review Ahpra’s quarterly performance reports for registration, notifications and compliance and provide advice to the Board and National Boards on regulatory performance 
  • provide a forum for discussion, review and advice on significant issues of regulatory operational policy.    
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Regulatory Performance Committee Charter  PDF
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November 2023
Annual Reports 2015-2023
Performance Committee annual report 2022-23 PDF
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 4 December 2023
Performance Committee annual report 2021-22 PDF

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 24 January 2023
Performance Committee annual report 2020-21  PDF
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16 November 2021
Performance Committee annual report 2019-2020 PDF
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4 December 2020
Performance Committee annual report 2016-2017 PDF 
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21 March 2018
Performance Committee annual report 2015-2016 PDF 
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25 November 2016 
Performance Committee annual report 2015 PDF 
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23 March 2016 


Mr Andrew Brown

Andrew was appointed as a Board member with expertise in business and administration in November 2023 and is the Chair of the RPC. Mr Brown is the former Health Ombudsman of Queensland, serving in the role for four years until January 2022. He also led the Independent Review of the Regulation of Medical Practitioners Who Perform Cosmetic Surgery on behalf of Ahpra and the Medical Board of Australia. Mr Brown is a lawyer with extensive experience in regulation and complaints management.

Andrew is a former Queensland Government CEO with 30-years experience working within the public sector. He served as the Queensland Health Ombudsman for a period of four years, concluding his term in January 2022. Andrew has held other senior roles including the Deputy Ombudsman at the Queensland Ombudsman’s Office and the Chief Inspector of Prisons within the then Queensland Department of Corrective Services.

Andrew has extensive experience in public administration and designing and implementing effective and efficient regulatory and complaints management systems. He also has a track record of leading transformational change.

Andrew currently works as a consultant. He recently lead the Independent Review of the Regulation of Medical Practitioners Who Perform Cosmetic Surgery on behalf of Ahpra and the Medical Board of Australia.

Andrew is an admitted solicitor and holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Public Administration.

Gill Callister

Ms Gill Callister PSM

Ms Gill Callister was appointed to the Ahpra Board for a first term as new Chair and member with expertise in education and training on 04 July 2019. Ms Callister is CEO of Mind Australia, a community-based mental health organisation with a long tradition of working with people with serious mental illness. She has dedicated her career to improving public policy and service delivery, particularly for vulnerable people in the community, and was recognised with a Public Service Medal in 2019. 

Other appointments.

Profile photo of Arie Freiberg

Emeritus Professor Arie Freiberg AM, FASSA, FAAL

Emeritus Professor Freiberg is appointed to the Ahpra Board as a new member with expertise in education, regulation and law from 30 September 2020.

Emeritus Professor Freiberg previously held the position of Dean of the Law Faculty at Monash University and was a member of the Interim Advisory Board of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in Victoria. He has consulted for a number of organisations on regulatory matters, is the academic adviser to the Australia and New Zealand School of Government's National Regulators Community of Practice and is the author of the textbooks The Tools of Regulation and Regulation in Australia.

Emeritus Professor Freiberg holds the degrees of Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Diploma of Criminology from the University of Melbourne, Master of Laws (Monash University) and Doctor of Laws (Melb). He is the Chair of the Victorian and Tasmanian Sentencing Advisory Councils and holds an Emeritus Professorial appointment at Monash University, an Adjunct Professorial appointment at Victoria University and is an Adjunct Faculty at the ANZ School of Government.

Veronica Casey

Adjunct Professor Veronica Casey AM

Chair of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia and Health Practitioner, Queensland

  • Registered Nurse and Midwife
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Postgraduate Diploma, Nursing, Geriatric
  • Master, Nursing Leadership
  • Fellow - Australian College of Nursing
  • Former member Queensland Board of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia: July 2010 to September 2015
  • Member Association of Queensland Nurse Leaders
  • International Commissioner on Magnet ©, American Nurses Credentialing Centre
  • Member Australian College of Midwives

Appointed as Chair (first term) from 2 October 2020 and reappointed as a practitioner member from Queensland for a period of 3 years (third term) from 17 August 2020

Ms Tanya McGregor

Ms Tanya McGregor

Ms McGregor was appointed as a member with expertise in health, education and training, business and administration in November 2023. Ms McGregor is the Chief Aboriginal Health Officer at SA Health. She has over 15 years’ experience developing state-wide strategies and policies to improve Aboriginal health outcomes and community programs across South Australia and the Northern Territory. Ms McGregor is the Chair of the South Australian Aboriginal Cricket Advisory Committee, on the Board of Directors for the Fay Fuller Foundation and a member of the Global Indigenous Runway Advisory Committee.

Photo of Tiina-Liisa Sexton

Ms Tiina-Liisa Sexton

Community member, Paramedicine Board of Australia

Tiina-Liisa is a chartered accountant with a background in risk and financial management, governance and ethics. She joined the Paramedicine Board of Australia on 22 November 2019. 

Tiina-Liisa has worked in the private, public, academic and not-for-profit sectors, and was the national Professional Standards Adviser in ethics and corporate governance at CPA Australia for 14 years until 2011.

Tiina-Liisa is a member of the Professional Standards Councils and Director of St Giles Society. She is a former director of Housing Choices Australia, Aurora Energy Pty Ltd, Hobart Water and Connect Credit Union.

Dr Murray Thomas

Dr Murray Thomas

Chair of the Dental Board of Australia

Dr Thomas is a full-time general dentist providing care in the south eastern suburb of Chisholm in Canberra for the last 20 years. He holds a Bachelor of Dental Science (QLD) and a Diploma in Dental Health (QLD).

Upon graduation he embarked on a career in the Australian Regular Army and retired from the Army to private practice in 2000. During his career in the military he worked as a dental officer and in a number Defence Health staff officer positions including Head of Corps for the Royal Australian Army Dental Corps.

He has served as a Director and Councillor of the Australian Dental Council and has had active involvement with the Australian Dental Association (ADA) committees, particularly the ADA NSW Branch as a Director and Councillor and serving as part of the of its executive team.

He has been a champion of accreditation of dental practices since 2008 and has a long association with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care through working parties for the development of a Dental Guide to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and Antimicrobial Stewardship Clinical Care Standard

He is a Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and the International College of Dentists and is a recipient of the ADA (NSW) Service Medallion

He is currently a member of the ACT Clinical Council and has been involved with dental practitioner regulation in the ACT since 2005, was appointed to the Dental Board of Australia as a practitioner member in 2012 and recently was reappointed as Chair of the Dental Board of Australia in October 2018.

Ms Rachel Philips RPC member

Ms Rachel Philips

Chair of the Psychology Board of Australia

Rachel Phillips works as a professional leader of allied health services in the public sector in Ipswich in Queensland. Rachel has worked as a clinician in both public sector and private practice in the areas of alcohol and drug, adult acute and chronic health, and child and youth mental health. She has contributed to the profession through supervision, involvement in professional society projects and interest groups, and representation in senior leadership roles.

Rachel was appointed to the National Psychology Examination Committee in 2010 and is currently the Chair. She was appointed to the Queensland Regional Board of the Psychology Board of Australia in 2014 and the National Board as the Queensland practitioner member in 2015.

Rachel was appointed as Chair of the Psychology Board of Australia in 2018.

Brett Simmonds

Mr Brett Simmonds

Chair of the Pharmacy Board of Australia

Brett is the Chair of the Pharmacy Board of Australia and Practitioner member for Queensland.

He has had over 10 years’ experience in the regulation of the pharmacy profession, including as Chair of the Pharmacy Board’s National Notifications Committee and as a member of the Board’s Policy, Codes and Guidelines Committee and the Finance, Governance and Risk Committee.

He is a member of the the Trials Advisory Group, which is an independent, expert advisory committee that provides advice to the Commonwealth Department of Health on appropriate trial programs designed to improve patient outcomes and expand the role of pharmacy in delivering a wider range of primary healthcare services.

Brett keenly promotes ethical practice and currently serves on the Mater Hospital Human Research Ethics Committee and previously on the UQ Molecular Biosciences Animal Ethics Committee.

Brett has been an owner of three community pharmacies and currently is an Associate Lecturer at the School of Pharmacy, University of Queensland where he teaches across all four year levels.

Photo of Anne Tonkin

Dr Anne Tonkin

Chair of the Medical Board of Australia

  • BSc(Hons), BMBS, M.Ed, PhD, FRACP

Dr Anne Tonkin is a practising general physician with a sub-speciality in clinical pharmacology. She has been involved in medical regulation for 10 years – initially with the Medical Board of South Australia and since 2010, with the SA Board of the Medical Board of Australia. She has been Chair of the SA Board since 2012 and a member of the Medical Board of Australia since 2015.

Dr Tonkin was a clinical academic in the Adelaide Medical School for 22 years and Director of the Medicine Learning and Teaching Unit from 2006 to her retirement in 2014. She has been a practising general physician at the Royal Adelaide Hospital since 1992 and is now in part time practice as a relieving general physician. Through her sub-specialty in clinical pharmacology, Dr Tonkin has been involved in drug regulation nationally for more than 20 years. She has served terms on the Australian Drug Evaluation Committee and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee and continues to provide evaluation services to the Therapeutic Goods Administration and sit on several advisory committees related to drugs and therapeutics.

Over the last 15 years, Dr Tonkin has also served the community through her roles with the Australian Medical Council in medical school and specialist college accreditation.

Kim Gibson

Ms Kim Gibson

Chair of the Physiotherapy Board of Australia

Kim has significant health industry experience spanning clinical practice, clinical education, clinical governance, health service management, governance and health reform.

A diverse work history has taken her from Perth to regional WA, Switzerland, Egypt and the UK practicing in a range of public, private, community and hospital settings.

She held key leadership positions including Physiotherapy Head of Department and Director of Allied Health at Princess Margaret and King Edward Memorial Hospitals, Deputy Chair, of the Governing Council of North Metropolitan Health Service and Chair of the Clinical Senate of Western Australia.

Kim is Deputy Chair of the South Metropolitan Health Service Board and Chair of the Safety and Quality Committee where her focus is on improving safety and quality culture through staff and consumer engagement.

She has worked as a consultant in the health, disability and social services sectors and is a tutor in physiotherapy leadership and management for Curtin University.

Appointed for her third term as the WA practitioner member and second term as board chair, she has been involved in physiotherapy regulation since 2003, chairing the WA Board prior to commencement of the national scheme. Kim has recently been appointed as a member to the Regulatory Performance Committee.

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