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Collection statement for renewal forms

This collection statement sets out the way that the Board and Ahpra may collect, use and disclose your information. It is to be read when completing your renewal of registration.

Privacy and confidentiality

The personal information (that is, information that identifies you) and sensitive information (such as criminal history and health information) collected in this form:

  • is required by the National Law, and the Board and Ahpra are authorised to collect it, to see if you are eligible for endorsement of your registration (subject to conditions or not), 
  • will be used to manage any endorsement (including your compliance with the National Law), 
  • may be used for the proper operation of the National Law (e.g. for research relevant to the Law), and 
  • may be used for communications purposes and to provide you with relevant updates and general information about Ahpra’s and the Board’s activities.

If you do not provide the required information, you may not be granted renewal.

The Board and Ahpra may:

  • ask other people (such as government agencies and health authorities) for information relevant to your application, such as identification, criminal record, work history and immigration status, 
  • disclose your information to such people where this is required or permitted by the law (e.g. to advise of your registration status, or where the information is required for a health regulator to perform its functions). Note: the health regulators we may disclose your information to may be overseas, if for example you have an international practice,
  • use third parties to verify and validate information provided to us in support of your application, which may include those third parties directly requesting personal information from you to complete the verification and validation process,
  • use third parties to hold, process and maintain personal information. For example, we use third party data processors to store our data in hosted facilities, and
  • use third party IT support providers who may also access our information systems remotely and this may involve access to personal information. Some of these third parties are located in countries outside Australia. Those countries include Japan, Canada and the United States of America. In all cases, we seek to share the minimum amount of personal data necessary.

Where Ahpra uses third parties, we require the third parties to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and impose, as far as possible, confidentiality and privacy obligations at least as demanding as those that apply to us.

Ahpra may also verify your registration details, including your date of birth and address, to other people (such as prospective employers) who disclose that information to Ahpra to confirm your identity. Ahpra will only do this where the person seeking verification has given a legal undertaking they have your consent to this verification.

The Board and Ahpra are committed to protecting your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act. Ahpra’s Privacy Policy explains how you may: access and seek correction of your personal information held by Ahpra and the Board; how to complain to Ahpra about a breach of your privacy; and how your complaint will be dealt with. The policy can be accessed on the Privacy page.

Forms relevant to this collection statement:

ARNP-81, AREN-81, ARLR-86, ARLO-86, ARPI-86, ARNP-86, AREN-86, RCMR-86, RMLO-86, RMLR-86, RMNP-86, RMPI-86, ARLO-10, AREN-10, ARNP-10, ARLR-20, ARNP-20, AREN-20, AREN-30, ARPR-30, ARTA-30, AROP-30, ARLR-30, ARLO-30, ARPI-30, ARNP-30, ARLR-91, RMLR-91, ARLO-91, RMLO-91, ARPI-91, RMPI-91, ARNP-91, RMNP-91, ARPR-91, RMPR-91, AREN-91, RMRP-91, RAMW-40, RARN-40, ERMW-40, RAEN-40, ARNP-40, ARPI-96, ARLR-96, ARLO-96, ARNP-96, ARPR-96, AREN-96, ARNP-50, AREN-50, ARNP-56, ARPR-56, AREN-56, ARLO-60, ARNP-60, ARPR-60, AREN-60, ARLO-66, ARLR-66, ARNP-66, AREN-66, ARNP-70, AREN-70, ARNP-76, ARPR-76, AREN-76

Page reviewed 8/06/2023