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Reporting a criminal offence

Do I need to tell the police?

If you're raising a concern about a health practitioner because of violence, sexual assault or serious misconduct (e.g.: fraud), we strongly recommend making a report with the police.

The behaviour you're reporting to Ahpra could also be a criminal law offence which needs to be investigated by the police.

Criminal offences under the National Law

There are a number of criminal offences which are breaches of the National Law and should be reported to Ahpra.

They are:

  • unlawful use of a protected title
  • performing a restricted act
  • holding out (claims by individuals or organisations as to registration), and
  • unlawful advertising.

If you suspect that an offence has occurred or you have concerns about a possible offence, please complete our Criminal offences form (below) and submit it along with any additional evidence to

More information can be found on our what's an offence under the National Law page.

Page reviewed 14/12/2023