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Reporting a criminal offence

Do I need to tell the police?

If you're raising a concern about a health practitioner because of violence, sexual assault or serious misconduct (e.g.: fraud), we strongly recommend making a report with the police.

The behaviour you're reporting to Ahpra could also be a criminal law offence which needs to be investigated by the police.

Criminal offences under the National Law

There are a number of criminal offences which are breaches of the National Law and should be reported to Ahpra.

They are:

  • unlawful use of a protected title
  • performing a restricted act
  • holding out (claims by individuals or organisations as to registration), and
  • unlawful advertising.

If you suspect that an offence has occurred or you have concerns about a possible offence, please complete our Criminal offences form (below) and submit it along with any additional evidence to [email protected]

More information can be found on our what's an offence under the National Law page.

Page reviewed 14/12/2023