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Understanding the notifications experience

We know that the notifications process can be stressful for notifiers, practitioners and their support networks. Our aim is to decrease the stress and improve the experience. As part of understanding the key issues and causes of stress, we are listening to the perspectives and stories of people who have been involved in the process. Also, people tell us that it would be helpful to hear from others’ experiences so we are publishing these videos online as we develop them.  

Practitioner experience

Please watch these videos for first-person accounts of what it is like to be the subject of a notification from the perspective of a registered health practitioner. The practitioners give honest accounts of their experience, what they wish they had known, and the advice they would give to other practitioners.


Based on what we’ve heard, we are currently working to improve by:

  • Moving to more phone calls as a first point of contact
  • Improving our written communication so that it is easier to understand
  • Creating simple postcards (see images below) that explain the notification process
  • Communicating expected timelines and outcomes
  • Working hard to speed up the process
  • Collecting and analysing information about the experience of notifiers and practitioners through surveys and interviews

Postcards for practitioners:

The notifications proces for medical practictioners

A notification was made about me

Postcards for medical practitioners:

The notifications process: How AHPRA handles notifications

A notification was made about me

Page reviewed 26/11/2020