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Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower) Policy

Ahpra and the Boards perform important public functions in each Australian state and territory. This page explains how Ahpra staff, Board members (including committee members) and members of the public can report serious wrongdoing in the administration of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, as in force in each state and territory (National Law).

Each state and territory has passed legislation to protect people who make public interest disclosures about serious wrongdoing in the public sector (also known as ‘whistleblowers’). Ahpra and the Boards are subject to this legislation in most states and territories, but not in all.

What sort of misconduct should be disclosed under the Whistleblower policy?

Ahpra’s Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower) Policy (Whistleblower Policy) sets out the process to deal with serious matters that itis in the public interest to resolve.

Disclosable conduct includes conduct by an Ahpra staff or Board member (including a committee member) that:

  • is illegal;
  • is a substantial misuse or waste of Ahpra or Board money or resources;
  • is serious misconduct in performing a function under the National Law;
  • is maladministration that adversely affects a person’s interest in a substantial or specific way;
  • is a substantial and specific danger to the health or safety of the public; or
  • presents a substantial and specific danger to the environment.

Important note: Ahpra’s Whistleblower Policy is for the use of Ahpra staff as well as members of the public. Ahpra policies referenced in the policy will not be accessible to people outside Ahpra.

How to report a concern

If you have a concern about apparent serious misconduct regarding Ahpra or a Board, you are encouraged to report your concern to either Ahpra (contact details of appointed Public Interest Disclosure Officers are available in the policy) or to the independent, external hotline set up to receive such reports. Ahpra has arranged for an external contractor, Deloitte, to operate an Independent Whistleblower Hotline to which you may make a public interest disclosure. You may choose to remain anonymous, in which case your identity will not be disclosed to Ahpra.

You can contact the Independent Whistleblower Hotline in the following ways:

Personal grievances

If you have a personal grievance regarding Ahpra or a Board that does not involve serious misconduct, you are strongly encouraged to pursue the remedies designed to deal with such grievances. For example if your concern relates to a particular decision under the National Law, you may wish to make a complaint or offer feedback using the procedures set out on Ahpra’s Complaints and Feedback page. 


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For more information

If you require further information regarding Ahpra’s public interest disclosure procedures, please refer to the Whistleblower Policy or contact the Independent Whistleblower Hotline.

Page reviewed 25/11/2022