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Practitioner information exchange

Regularly checking the national Register of practitioners is an important way for employers to reduce risk and ensure safer practice. The Practitioner Information Exchange (PIE) allows approved healthcare organisations to easily check the details and registration status of the health practitioners they employ. A PIE browser subscriber can receive alerts about changes to a practitioner’s details or registration status via PIE Alerts, which is updated every 24 hours.

The PIE service is available to organisations that:

  • directly employ health practitioners, such as public and private hospitals, aged care services and medical and allied health services
  • offer services to or receive services from employers of practitioners
  • provide a service to the health care industry, or
  • have a legislative or compliance obligation to ensure they are only providing services or information to registered practitioners.

To use this service, organisations must be able to enter the Ahpra registration numbers of the practitioners they are seeking to look up or monitor.

PIE Services

This service allows you to check the registration status and related information of the health practitioners you employ at any time. This service can reduce operational risk and provides confidence that practitioners are working within their registration type, conditions, and scope of practice. 

This service helps you meet compliance obligations by allowing you to monitor the status of practitioners’ registration. Alerts are generated every 24 hours and sent via email.

This service allows you to crosscheck the registration number and date of birth of health practitioners with Ahpra's records. If the details match, a full registration record is provided via the Find service. Please note, this is not a standard service and is only available to approved organisations upon application.


Modes of access

The browser access method allows you to access services by logging into an Employer Services portal via Ahpra’s website. 

For organisations wishing to integrate PIE data into their website or application, the API web service offers the most automation and functionality. Information from the national Register of practitioners is provided in a structured XML data format within a secure IT environment, via a SOAP/Postman web service.

Service Access method: Browser Access method: API
Find Available Available
Alert Available Not available
Identity Available Available

Examples of how PIE API is used:

  • Pharmaceutical company integrating API with website login/portal to confirm practitioners are registered prior to accessing information on pharmaceutical products
  • Hospital/health service integrating API with HR/credentialing application to ensure practitioner employees are registered and working within their scope of practice
  • Healthcare recruitment organisation integrating API with HR application to check registration status of candidates

Examples of how PIE Browser is used:

  • Nursing Home with less than 100 employees wishing to check the registration of their nurse practitioners
  • Medical training organisation seeking alerts for any changes to the registration status of their employed medical staff


Each PIE query is charged $1 per unique query on a practitioner registration number*.

Subsequent queries on the same practitioner registration number are free for 12-months from when the organisation’s PIE account is created.

Item Access method: Browser Access method: API
Installation/Access Fee
(payable once)
$800 $4000
Support Fee
(payable at initial setup and each year on anniversary date, per service)
$200 $1000
Data usage fee
$1 per unique query per year $1 per unique query per year
Data usage fee
$1 per search $1 per search
Additional permitted users $500 per additional user (payable once) Standard fees apply

*This applies to all services except the Identity service. If you are interested in using the Identity service, please enquire at [email protected] for pricing and to make an application for access.

The above fees are in addition to your annual Data Usage estimate. At the end of each billing period this estimate is reconciled so that you are only charged for the queries you make, with any extra usage incurring additional charges and any usage below the estimate refunded.

Please download the brochure for more details, and an example cost breakdown (96KB, PDF).

Becoming a PIE subscriber

  1. Consider how you want to access PIE

    If you wish to integrate PIE information into your organisation’s platforms or systems, accessing the PIE platform via API is the best option. If you wish to monitor practitioner details manually or have smaller numbers of employees to monitor, the browser method may be adequate. If you have any questions or would like to request technical API information, please don’t hesitate to contact us via [email protected].
  2. Complete an application form via DocuSign

    If you are ready to make an application to access PIE, please contact us via [email protected] and we will provide you with instructions on how to make an application.
  3. Review

    Your application will be reviewed. This can take up to two weeks.
  4. Commercial contract

    If your application is approved, we will send you a standard commercial contract to sign.
  5. Onboarding

    Once a contract is in place, we will provide you with a login and password for browser services, or (if relevant) access to a test environment for API services, followed by access to your production account.
Page reviewed 14/06/2023