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For practitioners
Supporting your professional practice

The National Boards and Ahpra have published resources to support professional practice and safe healthcare. Below are links to professional practice resources for all professions. Profession-specific resources are published on National Board websites.

Code of conduct

Each of the National Boards have an approved code of conduct or code of ethics that applies to the registered health practitioners they regulate. These codes help to keep the public safe by outlining the National Boards’ expectations of professional behavior and conduct for practitioners.

Advertising hub

The hub contains the advertising guidelines and resources to help advertisers, including practitioners, understand their obligations and tools to help check their advertising is correct. There is also information about how we manage complaints about advertising.

Social media: How to meet your obligations under the National Law

This guidance is to help practitioners understand and meet their obligations under the National Law when using social media.

Cosmetic Surgery Hub:

We’re committed to making cosmetic surgery safer. This hub has information and resources to help practitioners understand their obligations as well as examples of unsafe practise and how to report it.

Expected standards: Cosmetic procedures and surgery

Information for practitioners about the expected standards for cosmetic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

Supervised practice

Each of the National Boards have supervised practice processes in place. Supervised practice provides reassurance that the practice of practitioners being supervised is safe, competent and not putting the public at risk.

Registration standards

Practitioners must meet national standards for registration. There are core registration standards for all professions and also profession-specific standards.

Telehealth guidance

Information about National Board expectations of how practitioners will use telehealth in their practice.

For the public
Resources to support safer health choices

Information for the public to help make safer healthcare choices.

Be safe in the knowledge you’re seeing a registered health practitioner

Information about the role and purpose of Ahpra and the National Boards, and how to check a practitioner is registered.

Cosmetic Surgery Hub:

We’re committed to making cosmetic surgery safer. This hub has information and resources to help support patients considering surgery, details on what is and isn’t acceptable advertising, and how to report any unsafe behaviour or poor outcomes.

What the public should look out for in health advertising

Information about how to make a complaint about advertising and how and why advertising for regulated health services should be correct.

Code of conduct

Information about the expected behaviour of a registered health practitioner and how their care should meet standards of conduct.

Other important resources

COVID-19 updates

COVID-19 related updates from Ahpra and the National Boards.


Listen to podcasts of conversations hosted by Ahpra about public safety and healthcare.

Our procedures

Ahpra’s procedures for developing accreditation standards, registration standards, managing conflicts of interest, consultation and seeking approval of endorsements for scheduled medicines.

Regulatory guide

The Regulatory guide sets out how Ahpra and the National Boards manage notifications about the health, performance and conduct of practitioners under Part 8 of the National Law.

Court and tribunal decisions

Summaries of tribunal and court outcomes relevant to health practitioner regulation. A full library of published decisions is available on the AustLII website.

Panel decisions

As part of managing a notification, National Boards may decide to refer a registered practitioner or student to a panel. Panel hearing decisions since July 2010 are listed.

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