Register of practitioners

Welcome to the Register of practitioners (also known as the public register). If someone's name appears on this register, they are registered and can practise within the scope of their registration.

We also have a list of cancelled practitioners and a list of practitioners who have given an undertaking not to practise.

Search the Register of practitioners 

To search for a health practitioner, enter their family name or registration number. A maximum of 50 results will be returned. Complete more fields to narrow your search.

If you can’t find someone on the register check you have the correct spelling of their name and make sure you search for the name they used for registration. This can be different from the name they use to practise.

If you have trouble finding someone on the register who you think should be there, call us on 1300 419 495.

It’s an offence to present as a registered health practitioner in Australia if you are not. If you think you know someone who is doing this, let us know immediately.

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Page reviewed 24/10/2019