Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Reporting concerns in New South Wales or Queensland
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Reporting concerns in New South Wales or Queensland

Complaints about health practitioners in NSW or Qld

Different arrangements exist for Qld and NSW residents who have concerns about registered health practitioners. If you live in these states and have a concern about a student or a registered health practitioner’s health, conduct or performance you should:

In NSW contact:

In Qld contact:

Criminal offences in NSW or Qld

If you are concerned that your health practitioner has committed a criminal offence, you must report it to Ahpra.

This applies to all states and territories in Australia, including NSW and Qld.

Some criminal offences are breaches of the National Law. These include someone claiming to be a registered health practitioner (when they are not) and unlawful advertising.

To learn more, or to notify us of your concern, visit our Reporting a criminal offence and What’s an offence under the National Law pages.

Page reviewed 28/11/2023