What data are already available and who should I ask?

We want you to find the data and information you are looking for quickly and easily. Before you make a data access request it could be possible that the data you are looking for is already published and available.

Our published data

We make a range of data and information about registered health practitioners and about how we work publicly available, including:

The Register of practitioners

The national Register of practitioners provides up to date information on practitioners who are registered to practise. This is publicly available with limited search capability and copies or extracts of the register can be requested.

Please note that the Register of practitioners:

Copies of the register are charged at a fee of $2,000 + GST for each extract (each profession is considered one extract). This fee may be waived for Commonwealth, state and territory agencies/entities and registration authorities. Please email our Practitioner information exchange (PIE) on pie@ahpra.gov.au if you wish to purchase an extract of the Register of practitioners.

Practitioner information exchange for healthcare organisations

In addition to the Register of practitioners, AHPRA offers a service which provides approved healthcare organisations and employers with regular updates on the registration status of their health practitioners. Please see the Practitioner Information Exchange section on our website if you would like further information on this service, including the licensing structure and requirements to become a data partner.

Health workforce data

If you are interested in data about the health practitioner workforce, AHPRA and the National Boards in conjunction with the Australian Government Department of Health, collect information required for workforce planning through the registration renewal process.

The Department of Health make this data available through an online data tool. Accessing this tool is straightforward and provides information on a range of registration and workforce data, such as demographics, specialties, hours worked, scope of practice and area of practice. For further information on, or access to, the workforce survey data, please go to the Department of Health’s website Health Workforce Data page.

Before you make a data access request, first consider, who should I ask?

We are able to answer many requests for information, including data, without having to fill out an official data access request form.

If you are from a media outlet you can contact our media team on (03) 8708 9200, who can help you with your request.

If you are a member of the public with a general query or registered health practitioner with a question about your registration, you can contact our customer service team on 1300 419 195 or go to our Contact us page for more information.

If you wish to submit a Freedom of information (FOI) request or would like more information on the Freedom of Information Act and AHPRA please go to our Freedom of Information page.

If you believe you still need to submit an official data access request, check out the policies and procedures you need to read and follow to make a data access request.

Page reviewed 31/01/2018