Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

Complaints and feedback

We aim to provide high standards of service to the community. We also accept that sometimes we can get things wrong. When this happens, we are ready to listen and try and resolve your concern.

Our service charter sets out the values that guide AHPRA, the standards of service you can expect from us, and the steps you can take if these standards are not met.

The information below explains the process if you would like to make a complaint about AHPRA, a Board or committee or the behaviour of an AHPRA staff member or a Board or committee member.

Anyone can make a complaint about AHPRA, its staff, the Agency Management Committee, a Board or a committee.

Complaint handling procedure and form

The AHPRA Complaint Handling Policy and Procedure is designed to make sure that your concerns are treated seriously and are addressed promptly and fairly. Feedback is always welcome, whether positive or negative, so we can improve our service. This policy provides the information you need to complete the AHPRA complaint form and lodge your complaint about AHPRA, its staff, a Board or a committee.

The Complaint Handling Policy and Procedure and the form does not cover:

  • complaints about health practitioners, health service providers or health systems. For more information about the process for making complaints about health practitioners go to What is a notification?
  • complaints about the outcome of a notification about a health practitioner
  • complaints about how a national registration standard applies to a health practitioner.

National Health Practitioner Ombudsman

The National Health Practitioner Ombudsman receives complaints and helps people who think they may have been treated unfairly in administrative processes by the national agencies in the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme.

The National Health Practitioner Ombudsman will usually only deal with complaints that have already been lodged with AHPRA, and after AHPRA has been given a reasonable opportunity to resolve the complaint in line with our complaints handling policy and procedure.

Information about making a complaint to the National Health Practitioner Ombudsman is contained in the AHPRA Complaint Handling Policy and Procedure.

During 2015 AHPRA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Office of the National Health Practitioner Ombudsman and Privacy Commissioner which sets the agreed ways in which both organisations work together.

Further information

Contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 419 495 or make an online enquiry.

Page reviewed 13/01/2016