Check and correct your advertising

Check, Correct, Comply.

Make sure you check and correct your advertising so you comply with your legal obligations. The legal requirements for advertising regulated health services are important to support members of the community to make informed choices about their healthcare.

Under the National Law, advertising includes but is not limited to all forms of printed and electronic media that promotes a regulated health service. A definition of advertising is on our website.

Not sure you are meeting your obligations? Have you been contacted by AHPRA about your advertising? Follow these steps to make sure you comply with your professional and legal obligations.

  1. Check all your advertising against the requirements of the National Law and identify any content or claims that do not meet these requirements.
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  1. Correct any content that does not meet the National Law (explained in our Guidelines for advertising regulated health services).
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  1. Seek advice if you’re still not sure that you comply with the National Law from your:
    • professional association 
    • insurer, and/or 
    • independent legal adviser.
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    Are you still not sure? We have created examples of where advertising has not complied with the National Law to help you understand how to advertise your regulated health service. This information is for guidance only and does not replace independent legal advice.

    Use the examples below to check and correct your advertising

    Simply choose an option below to read guidance on how advertising can be corrected.

    Information to help you

    Page reviewed 13/11/2019