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LGBTIQA+ Communities

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Ahpra and the National Boards are committed to being a safe regulator for LGBTIQA+1 health practitioners, as well as contributing to health equity and access to safe healthcare for LGBTIQA+ people.

We are demonstrating this commitment through:

  • collaborating with and listening to people in LGBTIQA+ communities, with guidance from our Community Advisory Council, to understand issues of importance to them around healthcare regulation
  • working to embed Rainbow Health Australia’s six standards in the processes, policies and culture of the National Scheme and seek Rainbow Tick accreditation, and
  • working with Pride in Diversity to ensure LGBTIQA+ inclusion in our workplace and participate in the Australian Workplace Equality Index.

Guidance for health practitioners

LGBTIQA+ people have a right to safe healthcare. For practitioners, ensuring safe and respectful practice means respecting diversity in all its forms, including cultures, beliefs, gender identities, sexualities and people’s lived experiences, including among your colleagues. It also requires adopting practices that address bias, discrimination and racism, and challenge beliefs based upon assumptions. This also applies to your colleagues and workplace.

Practitioners can find further guidance in their profession’s code of conduct.

Other requirements for practitioners working with LGBTIQA+ people

As a health practitioner, it’s important that you are meeting all of your legal requirements for safety for LGBTIQA+ people. This may include meeting the requirements of legislation such as anti-suppression laws which prohibit conversion practices against LGBTIQA+ people, and protections for intersex people to make their own decisions about medical treatments.

Practitioners should visit the website of their state or territory’s health department, as well as their National Board’s website, as a starting point for understanding their responsibilities to these communities.

For patients and consumers

LGBTIQA+ communities are a priority for the National Scheme's work to ensure access to safe healthcare.

As an LGBTIQA+ person, you have a right to safe healthcare that is free from discrimination or bias. All registered health practitioners must adhere to a code of conduct, which explicitly says that good practice includes respecting diverse cultures, beliefs, gender identities, sexualities and experiences.

If you’ve had a bad experience with a health practitioner, you can visit the Concerns about practitioners section of our website for guidance on what to do next.

You also have a right to be treated in a safe and respectful way by Ahpra and the National Boards. You can find information on how to give feedback on our service on our website.

1 Victorian Government's LGBTIQA+ inclusive language guide
Page reviewed 29/05/2024