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Check, Correct, Comply.

If you advertise a regulated health service, follow these steps to make sure you comply with the advertising requirements set out at advertising guidelines and other guidance.

  1. Check all your advertising against the advertising requirements (explained in the Guidelines for advertising a regulated health service) and identify any breaches of these requirements.
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  1. Correct any content or claims that breach the advertising requirements.
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  1. If you’re still not sure that you comply with the advertising requirements you can seek advice from your:
    • professional association 
    • insurer, and/or 
    • independent legal adviser.
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  1. Continue complying with the advertising requirements by regularly checking your advertising and correcting any breaches.
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Use the tools and examples below to check and correct your advertising

The Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic and Osteopathy Boards of Australia have also developed profession-specific examples to help practitioners check and correct advertising of those regulated health services.

Page reviewed 30/06/2023