National Board statements related to advertising

National Boards may publish position statements on specific issues or topics related to advertising to provide guidance to the profession(s) and to help protect the public from unlawful advertising. For more information about all position statements published by a National Board, visit the Boards website.  

National Board  Position statement  Date 
All National Boards False and misleading advertising on COVID-19 31 March 2020
Chinese Medicine Board of Australia Position statement on Chinese medicine practitioners making therapeutic claims in advertising 19 July 2017
Chiropractic Board of Australia Position statement on advertising 7 March 2016
Background information: The advertising provisions of the National Law 22 April 2016
Position statement on paediatric care 22 June 2017
Provision of health information 22 June 2017
Interim policy spinal manipulation for infants and young children 14 March 2019
Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia Position statement on anti-vaccination advice 20 October 2016

Page reviewed 14/12/2020