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Updating your personal details

You can request a change to your personal details, including your contact information, address and principal place of residence via the Ahpra portal, or by using the request for change of personal details form (369 KB, PDF)

You can also use the form to change your legal name, sex or date of birth, however proof of identity and/or other supporting evidence may be required.

Proving your identity

Proof of identity requirements may differ depending on whether you are currently in Australia or in another country. The below forms provide guidance on both situations.

Find more information on proof of identity on the Ahpra website.

Nominating an alternative name to appear on the public register

You can nominate an alternative name by completing this form.

Health practitioners are registered under their legal name. However, some health practitioners may practise under an alternative name, such as a traditional name or an anglicised or shortened name.

Practitioners can nominate an alternative name to go on the register, alongside their legal name. Only one alternative name (comprising an alternative first name, surname, or both) can be nominated and published. You can request to have your alternative name removed if you no longer use it in your practice.

Both names will also appear on the practitioner’s certificate of registration. Having both names appear on public register will make it easier for the public to make informed decisions about their care.

A National Board may refuse to record an alternative name on the public register and to include it on the registered health practitioner’s certificate of registration for several reasons. Prohibited names include those that:

  • are obscene or offensive
  • are too long
  • consist of or include symbols without phonetic significance
  • are or include a statement or phrase
  • contain an official title or rank, including protected or specialist titles
  • are contrary to the public interest.

Registered health practitioners are obligated to only use the name/s that are recorded on the public register (a practitioner’s legal name or alternative name), or their business name, when providing health services. This includes advertising of the provision of a health service.

Failing to meet this obligation may constitute behaviours for which health, conduct or performance action could be taken.

Read the full alternative name policy here.

Page reviewed 1/07/2024