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Practitioners seeking registration outside Australia, may be asked by the regulatory authority in that jurisdiction for a Certificate of Registration Status (CoRS) (also known as a Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Current Professional Status or similar).

If you wish to provide information about your registration to an employer, it is more appropriate to download a copy of your Certificate of Registration or refer them to the online register of practitioners, which has the most up-to-date information.

How will I receive my CoRS?
We only issue a Certificate of Registration Status directly to an approved regulatory body or organisation.

We do not send a copy to the practitioner requesting the CoRS.

We issue CoRS by email.

Note that some entries in the search contain a postal address – we don’t use postal addresses for sending CoRS.

How do I know if my regulatory body or organisation is approved?
You can use the search below to see if the regulatory authority or organisation in your jurisdiction is on the Ahpra-approved CoRS regulatory bodies and organisations list.

We use the same list whether you complete your CoRS application via online application or hardcopy.

What happens if my regulatory authority or organisation is not on the list?
If the regulatory body or organisation you need a CoRS sent to is not on the approved list, please enter your nominated regulatory body or organisation in the online or hardcopy form. Please include the preferred email address for the organisation to receive CoRS.

Ahpra will assess if the organisation is valid or not. If Ahpra assesses the regulatory body or organisation is not valid, we will not continue to process the application and a refund the CoRS fee will be provided.

Hardcopy application
If you complete the CoRS form via hardcopy please fill in the Organisation to Receive the Certificate section with the name of the relevant organisation found using the search below.

What if my regulatory authority or organisation wants more information?
A CoRS provides all the necessary information to confirm a practitioner’s registration history.

Ahpra does not complete any forms sent by approved regulatory bodies or organisations. If a regulator requires further information from Ahpra, they will contact us directly to confirm any details in a CoRS.


Page reviewed 10/10/2022