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External data exchange services


The External Data Exchange team manages the sharing of data with external stakeholders including co-regulators, government agencies, employers of practitioners, health entities, organisations that provide a service to the health care industry, universities and researchers. We respond to data and research requests and provide easy access to organised and reliable data, including:

  • Practitioner registration information via:
    • Ahpra’s Employer Services portal
    • integrable API connection 
  • Regulatory reports and workforce statistics
  • Extracts of national public register data in Excel format
  • Student matching information 

Our services benefit organisations and individuals working within and in relation to the healthcare industry by providing them with regulatory data to meet their operational, compliance or research requirements. 

In most cases, organisations must first be approved and enter into a legal contract with Ahpra to access our services.

Ahpra collects data about every registered health practitioner in Australia under the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS). For a breakdown of the specific fields of data collected, read the What data are already available? page.


Please see below an overview of our services. 

The Practitioner Information Exchange (PIE) service allows approved healthcare organisations to easily check the details and registration status of the health practitioners that they employ. Customers can receive alerts about changes to a practitioner’s details or registration status via PIE, which is updated once every 24 hours. Approved organisations can access the service via an API web service or by logging in via Ahpra’s web browser. To use this service, organisations must be able to enter the Ahpra registration numbers of the practitioners they are seeking to look up or monitor. 

Find out more about the Practitioner Information Exchange (PIE) service

Extracts of the publicly available data from one of the 15 National Boards can be requested from 2019 onwards. Data reports are produced at the beginning of each month. Data is provided in Excel format and transferred to the requester via secure file transfer protocol (SFTP).

Note: Copies of a National Register will only be released by Ahpra if the requesting organisation can demonstrate that it is in the public interest to provide the entire list of practitioners registered in a profession.

Find out more about the National Register extract or copies service

Organisations and individuals can make requests for aggregated or de-identified data that may or may not be publicly available. These services incur a fee and we will provide an estimate of the cost during the application process once the scope of the request has been finalised.

Find out more about Data requests

Researchers may request deidentified National Scheme data that is not publicly available. All external research data requests must meet the objectives of the National Scheme Strategy and the National Scheme Research Framework and be approved by a Human Research Ethics Committee.

Find out more about Research requests

We can provide limited datasets matching university student numbers to Ahpra registration numbers. For an additional fee, datasets can also be provided without university student numbers, using date of graduation and profession. The information provided will be registration number, name and profession. This service can support educational institutions across Australia wishing to track graduate outcomes in health disciplines.

Find out more about the Student data matching service

Please note that Ahpra has completed a review of the MRC service and at this time is not onboarding any new users.  The MRC infrastructure is approaching retirement and will be replaced by a new service and infrastructure, most likely in 2024. Ahpra will continue to support the current customers using the MRC service until the replacement service(s) are available.  Ahpra will contact customers who will be impacted will plenty of notice prior to any service disruptions or changes. Please note that Ahpra does offer alternative data exchange services, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss.


Which Data Exchange service suits your needs?

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Smaller organisations requiring verification of practitioners, alerts of changes to registration status and/or practitioners details

The PIE browser access method allows you to access services by logging into an employer portal via Ahpra’s website. A PIE browser subscriber is able to receive alerts about changes to a practitioners details or registration status via PIE, which is updated once every 24 hours.

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Larger organisations requiring automated integration with a website or application

For organisations who want to integrate the PIE data into their website or application, the PIE API web service offers you the greatest amount of automation and functionality.

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Organisations who require a filtered selection of practitioner data from the National Register, for purposes such as research studies or workforce planning

Ahpra applies a high level of governance towards the application process for copies and extracts of the Public Register to remain compliant with our obligations under the National Law. Ahpra can only provide you with a copy of the Register of practitioners if it is in the public interest. However, extracts will be provided upon payment of the fee, and are considered an extract if they contain substantially less information than a copy. Please contact us for further information.

Page reviewed 14/06/2023