Register of practitioners

If a health practitioner has the word "registered" in the column "registration status" they are registered and are legally able to practise within the scope of their registration. The exceptions to this are:

  1. practitioners who have a ‘non-practising’ status. 
  2. practitioners who have their registration suspended. 
  3. practitioners who have a condition on the registration which stops them from practising.

More information about the terms used in the registers can be found in the Glossary.

Registration expiry date

Under the National Law, practitioners remain registered while their registration renewal application is being processed. Practitioners may be correctly displayed as 'registered', but have a registration expiry date that has passed. The registration expiry date is adjusted as applications that meet the requirements of the National Law are processed.

Registration due?

Practitioners can check online whether their renewal application has been received. If Ahpra has received their application they can continue to practise within the scope of their registration while the application is processed.

Registration Details

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Health Practitioner: Dr Tania Hossack

Personal Details

Languages (in addition to English):
  • Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery, University of Sydney, Australia, 1999
  • Urology, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Australia,

Principal Place of Practice


Registration Details

Medical Practitioner
Registration number:
Date of first Registration in Profession:
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Registration status:
Registration expiry date:

Under the National Law, registrants are able to practise while their renewal application is being processed. Practitioners also remain registered for one month after their registration expiry date. If the practitioner's name appears on the Register, they are registered and can practise (excepting practitioners with a Registration Type of 'non-practising' or those with a condition which stops them from practising, or where their registration is suspended).

  • The Medical Council of New South Wales has considered it appropriate to impose the following conditions on Dr Tania Hossack’s registration under section 150(1)(b) of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW) for the protection of the health and safety of any person or persons, or because it is satisfied that action is otherwise in the public interest. The matter giving rise to the conditions will be referred to the Health Care Complaints Commission. These conditions will have effect until the matter about the practitioner is disposed of, or the conditions are removed by the Medical Council of NSW

    1. To practise under category C supervision in accordance with the Medical Council of NSW’s Compliance Policy – Supervision (as varied from time to time) and as subsequently determined by the appropriate review body.

    a. The terms of the Council’s Compliance Policy – Supervision are varied so that the practitioner is to:
    i) authorise the Council-approved supervisor to provide reports to the Council (in a Council-approved format) on a monthly basis
    b. At each supervision meeting the practitioner is to review and discuss her practice with the approved supervisor with a particular focus on;
    i) operative decision making, operating list management and communication with patients,
    ii) a review of the medical records of 4 patients who had any procedures undertaken in the last month and
    iii) any complications arising as a result of procedures undertaken (and specially advising of any unplanned return to theatre and/or any post-operative infection).

    c. To authorise the Council to provide proposed and approved supervisors with a copy of the decision which imposed this condition.

Registration Type:

Registration expiry date:
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Registration Type:

Specialty Fields:
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