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PIE solution overview

The Ahpra PIE software platform provides Ahpra Public register data to data partners using industry standard browser and webs services channels. Services include: a browser channel to manage Alerts, Find practitioners and verify practitioner identity and a Web services channel to request and receive single or bulk practitioner data. The web services channel will allow data partners to integrate the data exchange into their local systems for daily update on practitioner data including any registration status changes. PIE services will help partners reduce risk, improve data quality and reduce the costs in tracking practitioner status.

Ahpra provides a fully supported on boarding process with full documentation and test environments for data partners who select the web services channel. More details on the services and how to become a data partner are given below.

Solution detail

PIE provides practitioner data with the same information as the Ahpra Public Register in a structured, validated and auditable format. A sample is available in the document below:

Practitioner information exchange diagram (584 KB,DOCX)

Availability of PIE services

Please note that this service is currently only available to direct consumers of the information:

  • Organisations who directly employ health practitioners, such as public and private hospitals, aged care services and medical services.
  • Organisations who offer services to health practitioners, such as professional membership organisations.
  • Organisations who have a legislative or compliance obligation to ensure that they are only providing services or information to registered practitioners

Ahpra is not onboarding Service Integrators at this point time whilst a review of the Practitioner Information Exchange (PIE) services is undertaken.  Please check the website in the future for updates. Direct consumers are still being onboarded.

PIE services

  1. Find service publishes a complete copy of the Ahpra Public Register for your selected practitioners, containing all current professional details and registration status, daily.

    This service provides the existing Ahpra Public Register data, plus conditions and endorsement start and end dates where applicable. Practitioner data is returned as clean, structured XML data with audit tags and from within a secure IT environment. Two user interface options available:

    • A web services query containing one or many practitioner registration numbers for a specified date. Data partners can call single records from within your HR or clinical systems
    • Online web browser application search for one or many practitioners by entering a registration number, or pick from pre-loaded list uploaded through a CSV file with registration numbers.

  2. Alert service provides personalised advice of any changes for your selected practitioners.

    This service provides an alert via email to data partners when there are changes to any practitioners’ registrations who have been added to the pre-selected group(s).

    It eliminates the need for data partners to crosscheck large volumes of practitioner data looking for registration and other changes.

    • The online web browser alerts management interface allows authorised users to create new groups (subscriptions), view alert details, manage alert group email lists and add, list or remove registration numbers from your organisations alerts groups. Please note that this service is currently available via Browser access only. The Alert service is not available via API due to further development work. Please check back on our website in the future for updates on availability.
  3. Identity provides secure confirmation of a practitioner’s professional registration record.

    Identity service verifies a practitioner’s professional data against Ahpra’s practitioner professional records. Most identity service users have a legislative or regulatory requirement to establish a higher level of identity confirmation. 

Page reviewed 27/09/2022