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Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

Register of practitioners

If a health practitioner has the word "registered" in the column "registration status" they are registered and are legally able to practise within the scope of their registration. The exceptions to this are:

  1. practitioners who have a ‘non-practising’ status. 
  2. practitioners who have their registration suspended. 
  3. practitioners who have a condition on the registration which stops them from practising.

More information about the terms used in the registers can be found in the Glossary.

Registration expiry date

Under the National Law, practitioners remain registered while their registration renewal application is being processed. Practitioners may be correctly displayed as 'registered', but have a registration expiry date that has passed. The registration expiry date is adjusted as applications that meet the requirements of the National Law are processed.

Registration due?

Practitioners can check online whether their renewal application has been received. If AHPRA has received their application they can continue to practise within the scope of their registration while the application is processed.

Registration Details

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Health Practitioner: Dr Andrew Mark Ladhams

Personal Details

Sex: Male
Languages (in addition to English):
  • Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery, University of Queensland, Australia, 2002

Principal Place of Practice

State: QLD
Postcode: 4509
Country: Australia

Registration Details

Profession: Medical Practitioner
Registration number: MED0000954625
Date of first Registration:
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Registration status: Registered
Registration expiry date:

Under the National Law, registrants are able to practise while their renewal application is being processed. Practitioners also remain registered for one month after their registration expiry date. If the practitioner's name appears on the Register, they are registered and can practise (excepting practitioners with a Registration Type of 'non-practising' or those with a condition which stops them from practising, or where their registration is suspended).

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  • On 20 December 2013, the Medical Board of Australia (the Board) imposed the following conditions on the registration of Dr Andrew Ladhams (the practitioner)):

    1. For the purposes of these conditions, Lyme Disease includes any illness caused by an organism known as Borrelia burgdorferi (including any strains of that organism, namely Borellia garinii, Borrelia afzelii and Borrelia Burgdorferi (stricto senso)).

    2. The practitioner must not diagnose and/or treat Lyme disease without his having obtained a positive diagnosis of Lyme Disease from a laboratory accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) using Centres for Disease Control (CDC) criteria.

    3. The practitioner must not treat any patient for Lyme disease with intravenous antibiotics without having referred the patient to an Infectious Diseases Specialist for the development of a written Medical Treatment Plan. Before referring any patient to an Infectious Diseases Specialist, the practitioner must first obtain the approval of the Medical Board of Australia to refer patients to that specialist for that purpose.

    4. The practitioner must only treat any patient referred to an Infectious Diseases Specialist pursuant to condition 3 in accordance with the written Medical Treatment Plan developed by the Specialist.

    5. An AHPRA representative for the Board will contact and exchange information with the practitioner’s employer/ partners/colleagues in his practice and every person who is, or may be, responsible for booking consultations with the practitioner, at such time or times as the Board or its representative shall determine for the purpose of monitoring the practitioner’s compliance with these conditions.

    6. The Medicare Program, Department of Human Services, Australia and Private Health Insurance Funds are required to provide information to the Board or its representatives about the practitioner’s practice of his profession.

    7. The practitioner must allow an AHPRA representative for the Board to access, inspect and copy his patient records, including but not limited to appointment diaries and prescribing records at his practice locations for the purpose of monitoring his compliance with the conditions.
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  • None
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  • On 26 September 2013 a Performance and Professional Standards Panel decided to take relevant action and reprimand the practitioner.

Registration Type:


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  • None
Notations - General:
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  • None
Notations - Registration Requirements:
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  • None

Registration Type:


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General practice
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  • None
Notations - General:
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  • None
Notations - Registration Requirements:
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  • None
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