Other Graduate Application Types

Current registrants

If you are:

  • an enrolled nurse who is due to complete an approved program of study that will qualify you as a registered nurse or midwife, or 
  • a pharmacy intern with provisional registration who has completed all requirements to be eligible to apply for general registration, or 
  • a medical intern with provisional registration who has completed all requirements to be eligible to apply for general registration

you can apply for registration via your existing Online Services portal.

For all other registrants applying for another type of registration within your current profession, or applying for registration in a new profession, you must apply for registration using the relevant Application for registration form available on the profession’s National Board website.

Bridging program students applying for registration

If you have completed a bridging program as an internationally qualified nurse or midwife, you are unable to use the online application form. Please refer to the information on bridging programs on the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia’s website.

Overseas Qualified Applicants (not previously or currently registered)

Did you complete your program of study or qualification(s) overseas? Please return to the AHPRA home page and select your National Board's website. Each National Board provides information and application forms specific to overseas or internationally-qualified applicants.

Applying more than six weeks before completing your course

While we encourage students completing an Australian approved program of study within six weeks to apply online, you are unable to apply online if you not due to complete within that timeframe. Applying earlier does not progress your application any faster.

Deferred graduates

If you graduate from an approved program of study and then delay applying for registration, you may be considered a ‘deferred graduate’.

Graduates who have deferred an application for a period of 1-2 years after course completion may fall into this category. If you are considered a deferred graduate, you will be unable to apply online, and will need to complete the relevant Application for registration form.

The specific timeframe is available in your profession’s Recency of practice registration standard on your National Board website.

Substantially equivalent pathways for chiropractors

A number of pathways are available for chiropractors applying for general registration as described in s53 of the National Law. Additional information on this is available on the Chiropractic Board of Australia’s website.

Page reviewed 31/10/2017