Committee member recruitment

Under the National Law, National Boards may delegate functions to a committee of the National Board. Committee appointments are made by the National Board under which the committee is formed.

How to join a committee

AHPRA (on behalf of the National Boards) from time to time invites applications from practitioners and members of the community to be added to these committees.

When a vacancy is identified, AHPRA invites interested persons to apply and details are published on this website.

AHPRA/National Boards Vacancy Open date Closing date Status 
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Board Call for applications for appointment to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Accreditation Committee 27 June
31 August
Medical Radiation Practice Board  Call for applications to the Accreditation Committee of the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia  10 March 2018  13 April 2018  In progress
Page reviewed 13/08/2018