Concerned about a health practitioner?

I am concerned about a health practitioner - Am I in the right place?

Watch our video to help decide if Ahpra is the right place for your concerns. Don’t forget to press pause to make note of important information in the video, or find further information below.

Why am I raising this concern?

If you are raising this concern for:

  • an explanation
  • an apology
  • a refund or compensation
  • access to your health records or to amend them
  • change in policy or practice at a hospital, medical/dental practice, pharmacy, ambulance, community health service.
Submit a complaint to a health complaints organisation

If you are raising this concern because you think:

  • a practitioner's behaviour is placing the public at risk
  • a practitioner is practising their profession in an unsafe way, or 
  • a practitioner's ability to make safe judgements about their patients might be impaired because of their health.
Submit a concern to Ahpra

AHPRA receive and investigate complaints and concerns about the behaviour and conduct of practitioners. They can also investigate the behaviour of non-registered persons if it has been reported that they are breaking the National Law.

Page reviewed 17/12/2021