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  • September 2018

    Physiotherapy Board
    It includes their social, emotional and cultural wellbeing,’ said Board Chair Charles Flynn. ... You can read more about World Physical Therapy Day in the media release.
    Date published 1 January 2009
  • June 2020

    Paramedicine Board
    This guide replaces the Social media policy on Boards’ codes, guidelines and policies pages and is available in the Advertising resources section of Ahpra’s website. ... The…
    Date published 1 January 2006
  • Meeting of the Podiatry Board of Australia - November 2017

    Podiatry Board
    The updated testimonial tool is available in the Advertising resources section on the AHPRA website. ... Follow AHPRA on social media. Connect with AHPRA on Facebook, Twitter …
    Date published 8 August 2018
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  • June 2020

    Chiropractic Board
    I’ve particularly valued the Board’s opportunities to meet practitioners at roadshows, presentations and workshops and the increased communication through e-newsletters and
    Date published 4 June 2020
  • September 2017

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Board
    court. The policy will ensure that reprimands are removed from the national Register of practitioners in a consistent and effective way. ... The policy will take effect from…
    Date published 1 January 2005
  • Psychology Board - Submission - Public consultation on area of practice endorsements - Australian Psychological Society

    Psychology Board
    to note that there is provision to undertake the review earlier if needed. ... More. flexibility will have positive effects on the future workforce and address issues.
    Date published 27 April 2016
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  • Osteopathy Board - Communique - Meeting of Osteopathy Board of Australia - 31 May 2019

    Osteopathy Board
    There will be a news item and social media this month to alert you of the publication. ... Follow AHPRA on social media. Connect with AHPRA on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn…
    Date published 12 June 2019
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  • October 2014

    Pharmacy Board
    Interns undertaking examinations from October 2014 are advised to review the updated guide. ... The designs aim to make searches easier and more accurate and promote…
    Date published 31 October 2019
  • 2018/19 summary

    Medical Board
    The Board considers all feedback before finalising these documents. It has been interesting to see how social media and other forms of digital communication have increased…
    Date published 1 January 2007
  • October 2014

    Chinese Medicine Board
    The analysis and formulation of options for moving forward will take some time. ... The designs aim to make searches easier and more accurate and promote consultations and
    Date published 26 July 2018
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