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Listening, talking, and informing

2018/19 Annual Report - Our National Scheme: For safer healthcare

Performance snapshot

  • 481 media enquiries responded to
  • 60 media releases issued
  • 54 Board newsletters published
  • 58 court and tribunal summaries published

Responding to queries

  • 404,255 calls made to our customer service team, an average of 1,555 each work day
  • 94.6% of telephone enquiries resolved at first contact
  • 69.8% relate to an application for registration
  • 95% of callers responded with ‘very satisfied’ when asked to rate their interaction with our customer service team
  • 59,978 web enquiries received, an average of 230 each day

Social media

Our social media channels continued to grow this year.

  • 24,389 Facebook likes, up 21.6% from last year
  • 8,608 Twitter followers, up 13.7% from last year
  • 32,805 LinkedIn followers, up 128.4% from last year
  • 31,100 interactions (likes, shares and comments) made on our social posts
  • 47,176 views of our videos on YouTube, with over 48,803 minutes watched

This year, we have continued sharing important updates for a practitioner’s practice or in the public interest. Examples include:

  • A notification was made about me: A practitioner’s experience, the first of a series of videos on the notifications experience, which had 1,257 views on YouTube with over 4,380 minutes watched, and
  • Participation in #CrazySock4Docs, to promote conversations about mental health and to reduce the stigma for doctors facing mental health issues, which had 1,035 engagements across our social platforms.

Seeking feedback

We regularly consult with two advisory groups to gather feedback, information and advice on our work. Both groups meet quarterly and publish communiqués after each meeting.

Community Reference Group

Our Community Reference Group (CRG) provides feedback and advice on how to better understand and, most importantly, meet community needs. It is not representative of particular communities. Rather, members of the group provide a consumer perspective and expertise and share their opinions as individuals. We sought their advice on draft Board policies; how we can improve the way we engage and consult with the community; how we may better safeguard the confidentiality and safety of notifiers; and their thoughts on how to help patients and consumers navigate the complaints system.

Professions Reference Group

The Professions Reference Group (PRG) provides a forum for AHPRA to engage constructively on National Scheme and cross-profession issues with associations representing the regulated professions. The PRG consists of one representative for each of the regulated health professions and the Health Professions Accreditation Collaborative Forum. We regularly consult the PRG for feedback, information and advice on our work, including changes to the National Law and improving our processes.

Topics discussed in the past year include legislative amendments, the mandatory reporting campaign, professional practice, the accreditation review, changes to the administrative complaints process, advertising compliance, tools and resources.

Page reviewed 15/11/2019