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AHPRA focused on solutions

20 Jul 2010

Statement from AHPRA

AHPRA has been guided by three core priorities: smoothing pathways for registration renewals, further boosting our enquiry response capacity and fast-tracking publication of additional registration forms.

Registration renewals

AHPRA has commenced the mail out of renewal reminders to two targeted groups of practitioners:

  1. Practitioners who were due to renew their registration on 30 June or 1 July but did NOT do so
  2. Practitioners with limited registration whose registration renewal is due now.

These practitioners have been given user IDs and passwords so they can register online as soon as they receive their letter. They have also been sent a renewal form, populated with their registration data, in case they choose to renew their registration by mail.

These practitioners must lodge their renewal applications with AHPRA by 31 July 2010 or they will no longer be registered.

Reminders and targeted communications to other groups of practitioners will follow in the weeks ahead.

Response capacity

AHPRA has further boosted its enquiry response capacity to make sure that all enquiries are answered on time. We have put in place new arrangements to answer all incoming calls to our 1300 419 495 number. All calls will be assessed and managed directly or escalated to experts as necessary.

General queries will be directly forwarded to the AHPRA Enquiry Contact Centre (ECC) in each state; complaints will be directed to the nominated notification teams in each state; information on the progress of particular applications will go to nominated contacts in each of the registration teams in AHPRA State Offices.

The contact centre operates 24 hours per day so that basic queries can be dealt with after hours and messages can be taken if follow-up is required.

Forms and National Registers

AHPRA is uploading additional forms each day to support practitioner registration and the flow of information to registrants and the public. For example, practitioners can now request a Certificate of Good Standing through the request form.

Practitioners can also check their registration status on the Register of Practitioners for each profession.

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