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Public consultation on the glossary of accreditation terms

26 Apr 2023

The Accreditation Committee (the committee) invites you to provide feedback on its draft proposed initial glossary of accreditation terms.

The committee has agreed to develop a glossary to establish a shared language and understanding of its advice across different professions, National Scheme entities, and external stakeholders.

'The committee is excited to be developing a glossary that will create mutual understanding of our advice between us and our stakeholders. This glossary will help improve how our advice is understood and inform our work in the future.'

'I warmly invite everyone to provide feedback on this glossary' said Professor Andrew Wilson, Chair of the Accreditation Committee.

At present, different language is used across different National Scheme professions, entities and external stakeholders to describe various aspects of accreditation and the issues referred to the committee. For example, several areas of work referred to the committee intersect with student learning in the workplace; current documents within and outside the National Scheme use a range of terms for this including: work-integrated learning, clinical placement or attachment and professional experience or professional experience placements.

There are also a range of terms used for people who have responsibility for students engaged in learning in those settings, including clinical supervisor, clinical educator, preceptor, etc. This can create confusion for education providers delivering programs across multiple professions and for workplaces that provide placements across multiple providers and professions.

The glossary of terms across the spectrum of accreditation will support interpretation and implementation of the committee’s advice.

This proposed first version of the glossary focuses on providing an initial tranche of terms across the areas of work in the committee’s work plan. It builds on the terms already defined in the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, as in force in each state and territory (the National Law) and the Health Professions Accreditation Collaborative Forum’s (HPACF) Glossary of Terms for annual program monitoring reports.

The glossary is intended to be a dynamic or ‘living’ document that the committee will continue to update as it consults on and approves subsequent tranches of terms and meanings, and as each area of its work progresses.

To find out more about this consultation and provide feedback visit the Accreditation Committee’s current consultations webpage

More information:

The committee was established in 2021, consistent with Ministerial Council Policy Direction 2020-1 – Independent Accreditation Committee. The committee gives independent and expert advice on accreditation reform and other National Scheme accreditation matters to National Scheme entities (National Boards, accreditation authorities and Ahpra).

More information about accreditation in the National Scheme is published on the Ahpra website.

Page reviewed 26/04/2023