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Health practitioners in the C-suite

22 Jun 2021

This fortnight’s Taking care episode explores the challenges, rewards and lessons on the path to management in healthcare. 

Host Tash Miles is joined by CEO of the Western Australia Country Health Service, Jeff Moffet, as well as former CEO of Northern Territory Health and registered nurse, Professor Catherine Stoddart. 

They discuss their journeys from training as health practitioners, to clinical practice, to management. All while still maintaining a passion for accessible and safe healthcare.  

‘As a practitioner, you’re clearly in a position of trust,’ says Jeff, ‘It’s very similar in management and executive life: what you say and do really matters.’ 

While both Catherine and Jeff still use skills they learnt while training as practitioners, there is always more to learn.  

As Catherine says: ‘You may have some leadership capability. But, to assume that you can take your technical skills in any clinical profession and immediately be expert at management and leadership, you have to give yourself a bit of a break and learn that.’ 

Jeff shares a similar experience in the transition to a management role.

‘It’s the first time you are really having to deal with some complaints and interpersonal conflicts at a professional level so there’s a lot of learning about process and procedures to follow which you haven’t really been previously exposed to,’ Jeff adds.

Leaving behind some of the clinical aspects of their careers as they segue into management has been a not unexpected reality for both of them. It has also been an opportunity to mentor and support others with leadership ambitions. Both guests talk about the future, and the next generation of leaders.

Catherine reflects on how the patient-centred care model can translate to management approaches.

'There's so much evidence around staff satisfaction and patient satisfaction being intrinsically linked. It makes sense, really, and will be important for our future.'

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