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Podcast: Mental health of nurses, midwives and the people they care for

04 Nov 2020

Nurses and midwives play a big part in delivering mental healthcare. This care is valued and important to their patients and families. How they care for their own mental health is also important.

This is the focus of the latest episode of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency’s (Ahpra) Taking Care podcast, especially as we celebrate International Year of the Nurse and Midwife in 2020.

Liz Wilkes, an experienced midwife; Diane Lee, a nurse working at the Nurse & Midwife Support; Cassandra Jovic, who also works at Nurse & Midwife Support; and new mum Kirsty join host Tash Miles for this episode. They speak about the mental health challenges of new mothers and the support that is needed for both patients and practitioners.

Cassandra details the positive impact of a compassionate midwife during her challenging second birth, ‘in the sea of madness, there was this amazing midwife’ and she credits her for helping with an easier post-birth recovery.

Diane highlights the stress on nurses and midwives and the importance of support services, including Nurse & Midwife Support: ' we need to recognise that nurses and midwives are humans, they experience the same emotions we all do…added to that the shift work, trauma and compassion fatigue.’

Despite the challenges, they note that the widespread support and growing recognition of mental health is encouraging.

‘We are generally in a good space, we need to continue shining this light on health and mental health,’ said Liz Wilkes.

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