Cultural safety training provider announced

25 Jul 2019

PricewaterhouseCoopers Indigenous Consulting Pty Limited (PwC's Indigenous Consulting) in partnership with Griffith University First Peoples Health Unit will deliver cultural safety training for Australia’s regulators of registered health practitioners.

The outcome of a competitive tender process, the training is an important first step to ensure that AHPRA and the Boards working to regulate health practitioners nationally understand their own connection to culture and unconscious biases, and how these are likely to influence their work.

AHPRA CEO Mr Martin Fletcher said the training is an important milestone and is part of the agency’s commitment to support health equity for all Australians, which was publicly made by AHPRA and 36 other signatories in the National Scheme’s Statement of intent last year.

‘One of our strategic priorities is helping to embed cultural safety into the health system through our work with over 740 000 registered health practitioners across Australia.

‘We want to be a regulator who deeply understands cultural safety and what it means for our work and we want to partner with others to build a culturally safe registered health practitioner workforce across Australia,’ said Mr Fletcher.

National Scheme Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Strategy Group member and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Board of Australia Chair, Ms Renee Owen, said everyone has a part to play to achieve health equity.

‘We all have a responsibility to understand cultural safety so that we can work to eliminate racism from the health system and enable health equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. This training is an important step towards ensuring that the regulation of health practitioners is culturally safe’, said Ms Owen.

This unique Aboriginal-led collaboration between PwC's Indigenous Consulting, Griffith University's First Peoples Health Unit and the National Scheme Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategy Group will provide a world class, bespoke cultural safety training program supporting the necessary culture transformation of Australia's health professions.

‘It’s great that we are able to announce this partnership - it shows the scheme for regulation health practitioners’ real, tangible commitment to changing how we work’, said Mr Fletcher.

The training to be provided by PwC's Indigenous Consulting in partnership with Griffith University First Peoples Health Unit will be rolled out from the end of 2019.

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