Final-year students invited to apply for registration online now

17 Oct 2016

Students who are in their final year of study to become a health practitioner should apply for registration online now.

Apply online for registration as a health practitioner four to six weeks before completing your course.

Students due to complete approved programs of study at the end of 2016 are invited to apply for registration online four to six weeks before finishing their course. Fourth-year psychology students can also apply.

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) online graduate application service helps to smooth the path from study to work by enabling students to apply for registration before they graduate.

AHPRA sends applicants a Next steps checklist email after an online application is received. This is to help applicants who must send some supporting documents to AHPRA by mail to complete their application. If supporting documents are not supplied within 30 days of when a graduate applies online their application may be withdrawn.

A student’s application for registration is assessed while AHPRA waits for the education provider to advise that the student is eligible to graduate. AHPRA contacts the student if more information is needed and/or to confirm that registration has been granted.

New graduates registered with their profession’s National Board are eligible to start work as soon as their name is published on the national register of practitioners.

Students are encouraged to read the information under Graduate applications, including FAQ and the PowerPoint: Health practitioner registration -What you need to know.

More information for graduates, including profession-specific news items and FAQ, is available on National Board websites :

Page reviewed 17/10/2016