Online renewal is now open for 12 health professions

10 Oct 2016

More than 167,000 health practitioners are due to renew registration by 30 November.

Twelve National Boards have launched their registration renewal campaigns for health practitioners whose registration to practise expires on 30 November 2016.

Practitioners with general, non-practising or specialist registration should look for email reminders to renew from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) as confirmation that online renewal is open.

A video explaining how to renew registration online is available on the Practitioner Services page of AHPRA’s website.

The four minute video explains how to access online renewal, what a practitioner must declare about their previous 12 months’ practice, how to pay the registration fee and what happens next.

Practitioners who have not yet received a reminder email should check that their contact details held by AHPRA are up to date.

This is easily done by logging in to online services via the homepages of the AHPRA or National Board websites. A User ID and current password are needed to log in.

A news item about renewal of registration is published on each of the following National Board websites:

The annual registration renewal date for medical practitioners is 30 September. Nurses, midwives and nurse practitioners are due to renew their registration each year by 31 May.

Page reviewed 10/10/2016