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Recruitment Process

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Ahpra's recruitment process

Applying for a job can be a stressful experience. We want to help you put your best foot forward throughout our recruitment process, which means helping you prepare for the road ahead. Below is a typical recruitment process with Ahpra. Although your experience may vary depending on the role and business area, we hope this helps to give you the information you need to plan and prepare.

Online application

After you've read through the advertisement and position description and decided this is the role for you, we'll ask you to lodge your application online via our recruitment portal. If you're applying through our website, Seek, LinkedIn or another online job board, you'll be directed there automatically. You'll receive an acknowledgment once you've submitted your application, and we'll be back in touch shortly.

Phone or video interview

If you meet the minimum requirements for the role, we may give you a call to discuss your application further. If this is the case, be prepared to talk about your experience and why you were motivated to apply. We may also ask you some behavioural questions about previous situations or experiences that align closely with the work you'll be doing in the role. Try not to be nervous, it's important you use this opportunity to demonstrate your suitability.

Online assessments

If you meet the minimum requirements of the role and depending on the business area, we may ask to you complete a set of online assessments. We use these to further explore your organisational, leadership and technical capabilities specific to the role you've applied for. If you're selected to complete these assessments, we'll contact you with detailed instructions and let you know in more detail what to expect.

Attending an interview

Next, you'll be invited into one of our offices for one or more interviews with the panel, hiring manager or possibly other team members. Depending on the role and the capabilities we're assessing, you may be asked behavioural questions, technical questions, or you may be asked to review and present a case study. If you've got any questions about the role, the business or life at Ahpra, this is a great time to ask.

National criminal history and reference checks

If you're successful in progressing through the interview, we'll ask you to provide some information to allow us to conduct a National Criminal History Check. We will also ask you to provide contact details for at least two recent managers who can provide a reference. These checks can take some time to be completed, so the sooner you provide the required details, the sooner we can proceed to the next step.

Your offer

Once the necessary checks are complete and the results are satisfactory, we'll call you with the good news, and give you all the information you need to make the decision that's right for you.

Recruitment FAQs

Yes, you will receive an automated response from our application portal (PageUp). If you have not received an email following submission of your application, please check your email's junk folder, and ensure the correct email was used during the application process.
Unless otherwise stated, applications will be shortlisted following the application closing date. In most cases, shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an interview. This may be a telephone interview in the first instance.
As the national regulator of health practitioners, formal qualifications are important for some of our roles. If a role requires that you hold a specific qualification this will be outlined in the advertisement. In some cases, experience commensurate to a qualification will be considered. Desirable qualifications are not formally required but will help to strengthen your application.
We appreciate how much time and effort goes in to preparing an application. We do not use artificial intelligence to review applications, and every application received is reviewed in line with the requirements of the role.
You will be notified via email, generally within one to two weeks of the application close date.
We'll usually hold interviews one to two weeks after shortlisting is complete. However this can be subject to the availability of panel members and whether travel is involved.

Depending on the role, your interview may be phone-based, video-conference based or in person. You can find more information on our interview process here.

Once interviews with all candidates are complete, the panel deliberate and decide which candidate/s to progress.

Depending on the role, this may involve progressing to further interviews, psychometric assessment, health assessment, or pre-employment integrity checks. Candidates successful in progressing from the interview will be contacted by a member of the panel or recruitment team to discuss the relevant process.

Once the selection and appointment has been approved the successful candidate will be notified by a member of the panel or recruitment team, and a formal written offer of employment will be generated.

Candidates who have interviewed but have been unsuccessful will be contacted by the panel or recruitment team.

Ahpra's pre-employment integrity checks consist of a National Criminal History Check, and reference checks. For certain roles this may also include psychometric testing, health assessments and Australian Government Security Clearance Assessments via AGSVA.

The National Criminal History Check requires that you submit a detailed account of any disclosable court outcomes, as well as a 100-point identity check. Having a disclosable history will not automatically preclude you from applying, however you will be required to disclose if you have a disclosable court outcomes during the application process.

The reference checks will be conducted by a member of the panel or recruitment team. In most cases we will seek to conduct these checks verbally over the telephone, however in some instances we may be required to request the check by email. You will be required to provide a minimum of two supervisory references. Your referees should be people who have a good understanding of your recent work achievements such as your manager, supervisor, peers or subordinates. References will not be contacted at any point during the recruitment process without your express consent.

This is not necessary. We will contact you following your interview in the event that we seek to conduct reference checks and will give you the opportunity to provide the details at that time.
Yes, the panel or recruitment team will contact you to provide verbal feedback.
No. unfortunately Ahpra is a statutory body and not a member of the Australian Public Service Scheme. This means we are not able to support recognition or portability of entitlements such as long service leave, annual leave, tenure, superannuation benefits or other entitlements.
If you have particular requirements that need to be met in order to submit your application or have special requirements to participate in an interview or assessment centre, please email recruitment@ahpra.gov.au
Ahpra is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. Our dedicated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Business Partner can be contacted to discuss any questions you may have regarding your application. Please email recruitment @ahpra.gov.au.
You are welcome to apply for multiple roles. Please take the time to review each role's requirements carefully before applying.

Vacancies are posted regularly and we encourage you to check back often. Alternatively, you can subscribe to job alerts here and you will be notified when a vacancy is posted.

You can access your applicant profile at any time by clicking here. Application details can not be updated after submission. As such we ask that you pay careful attention while submitting an application

If you require assistance with your application please contact the recruitment team at recruitment@ahpra.gov.au