AHPRA Annual Report 2015/16

Your regulatory scheme: maintaining professional standards for practitioners and managing risk to patients

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and the National Boards, reporting on the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme

About us

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) is the national organisation responsible for implementing the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (the National Scheme) across Australia, in partnership with the National Boards.

The National Scheme aims to protect the public by ensuring that only suitably trained and qualified practitioners are registered. It also facilitates workforce mobility across Australia; the provision of high-quality education and training of health practitioners; and rigorous assessment of overseastrained practitioners.

Guided by a nationally consistent law, AHPRA and the National Boards work to regulate the health professions in the public interest. This includes registering practitioners who are suitably trained and qualified to provide safe healthcare, and investigating concerns about registered health practitioners.

AHPRA’s responsibilities

Our regulatory principles (Appendix 1) underpin the work of the National Boards and AHPRA in regulating Australia’s health practitioners in the public interest. The principles foster a responsive, risk-based approach to regulation across all professions within the National Scheme.

The National Boards

The National Boards are responsible for regulating registered health practitioners, protecting the public, and setting the standards and policies that all registered health practitioners must meet. The 14 National Boards are:

Our vision

The National Accreditation Scheme Strategy 2015-2020 sets out our vision, mission and strategic priorities. The Strategy has been jointly developed by AHPRA and the National Boards and is available on our NRAS Strategy page.