Our Responsibility to You

We will tell you within 14 days that we have received your request. We will also give you an estimate of the charges that apply to your request if charges are applicable. We will give you our decision within 30 days unless that time has been extended. If a document contains information about a third party, we will need to consult with them and may need to extend the time to give you our decision by another 30 days. We may also seek your agreement to extend the time by up to 30 days if your request is complex.

Voluminous Requests

A ‘voluminous’ request is one where the processing of the request would substantially and unreasonably divert the agency's resources from its other operations.

If we feel your request is voluminous, we will contact you to redefine the scope of the application.


The FOI Officer and the CEO of AHPRA are authorised under the FOI Act to make decisions regarding FOI applications. The FOI Officer, within 30 days of receipt of a FOI request (unless otherwise notified), must make a decision about access to documents and advise the applicant in writing.

The notification of the decision must contain the reasons for the decision (where partial or full access to a document or documents is refused), the name and position of the person making the decision, and details of how the applicant may seek internal review of the decision or make a complaint to the National Health Practitioners Ombudsman ("Ombudsman").

If a decision is made to grant access to the documents sought, the applicant will be asked to pay any applicable fees and charges prior to access being provided.

Transfer of FOI applications between agencies

An FOI request made to AHPRA may be transferred by AHPRA to another agency where:

  • AHPRA is not in possession of the document(s) sought; and
  • AHPRA is aware of the agency which is in possession of the document, or the subject-matter of the request is more closely connected to another agency; and
  • The other agency consents to the transfer of the request.
Page reviewed 2/12/2015