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When will I be registered?

You will be registered when your education provider has notified AHPRA that you are eligible to graduate and when AHPRA has finalised your registration application and confirmed that you are eligible to register as a health practitioner and meet all of your profession’s registration requirements as set by your National Board.

If you are eligible you will be granted registration and your name will be published on the Register of Practitioners for your profession. When your name is published on this register it means you have been registered to practise your profession and you are eligible to practise within the terms of your registration.

AHPRA will also send you an email to confirm your registration.

How will I know when I am registered?

When we have confirmed that you are eligible for registration, we will:

  • publish your name on the Register of Practitioners for your profession
  • confirm by email to the address you provide that you have been registered
  • mail you a certificate of registration (this may take some time)

What sort of registration will I be granted?

Medicine, Medical Radiation Practice*, Pharmacy and Psychology: Provisional registration applies to Australian medical school graduates, pharmacy school graduates, psychology graduates and some medical radiation practice graduates. Provisional registration enables registrants to complete their supervised practice year(s) in positions approved by their profession’s National Board.

*Graduates of approved three year programs of study leading to registration as a medical radiation practitioner are required to apply for provisional registration.

Please see your National Board’s website for further information about provisional registration.

All other regulated health professions: You will be granted general registration.

Can I start work before I am registered?

No. You cannot work as a registered health practitioner until you are registered.

Can I work before I get a Certificate of Registration?

Yes. You can work as a registered health practitioner as soon as your name is published on the Register of Practitioners. You can print this out and use it as evidence of your registration status with potential employers.


Page reviewed 3/10/2017