What to expect

Notice given to notifier/practitioner
Board decision

If you are a registered health practitioner who has been the subject of a complaint or concern about your health, conduct or performance, information on this website describes what to expect if a complaint or concern is raised about you. It explains:

  • the role of National Boards and AHPRA in managing complaints 
  • the complaints process, and 
  • possible outcomes of a complaint.

If a complaint is made about you, we will send you correspondence that describes the concerns raised about you and explains what will happen next and what you can expect.

We understand that being the subject of a complaint can be stressful. To help you we have published a list of support services and details of where you can find further information.

What is AHPRA’s and the National Boards’ process for managing complaints and concerns?

The issues and the risks raised as part of your complaint will shape how it is managed. Importantly, not every complaint goes through all the possible stages in the complaints process. For example, in 2014-15, National Boards closed 62.9 per cent of all complaints after completing an initial assessment of the issues.

AHPRA and the National Boards treat all complaints and concerns raised seriously. Complaints are managed sensitively and in accordance with our legal obligations, including confidentiality, privacy and natural justice principles.

Learn more about the complaints process.

Page reviewed 21/08/2018