What to expect

If you are a registered health practitioner who has been the subject of a concern about your health, conduct or performance, we have information that can help you understand what to expect, including:

  • the role of National Boards and AHPRA in managing concerns
  • the notifications process, and
  • possible outcomes.

If a concern has been raised about you, we will send you correspondence that describes the concerns, explains what will happen next and what you can expect.

We understand that having a concern raised about you can be very stressful. To help you, we have produced a video we would encourage you to watch as a first step. We also have other useful information published on our website and there is a list of support services and details of where you can find further information.

What is our process for managing concerns?

What is the process for managing concerns?

We are committed to ensuring that the process is completed in a timely manner, taking into account the complexities of individual notifications. Every concern we receive is assessed for potential risk to the public by both AHPRA and an appropriate committee appointed by the National Boards.

Importantly, not every concern raised goes through all the possible stages in the notifications process. For example, in 2017-18, we closed 63 per cent of all notifications after completing an initial assessment of the issues.

When our assessment concludes that we need more information, we can investigate further. When we identify that a practitioner poses a serious risk, there are interim actions that the National Boards can take.

Notification submitted

We take seriously all concerns raised with us. They are managed sensitively and in accordance with our legal obligations, including confidentiality, privacy and natural justice principles.

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Page reviewed 4/04/2019