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Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

Legal Practice Notes

AHPRA has developed Legal Practice Notes to support the consistent interpretation of the National Law. They relate to a range of operational issues and are intended to advise panels, National Boards and AHPRA staff. The contents are current at the date published. Legal Practice Notes are not intended to replace legal advice, which should be sought as appropriate. While these Legal Practice Notes have been designed for internal use, AHPRA is publishing them in the interests of transparency. A small number of Legal Practice Notes are not published as they relate to internal matters only. As a result, the published notes are not always numbered sequentially.

Document name PDF Accessible format Document date
Conditions and notations under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law - LPN 1 PDF (175 KB)     Word DOC (952 KB) 1 March 2012
The National Boards' Power to take Immediate Action - LPN 4  PDF (208 KB)  Word DOC (975 KB)  1 March 2012 
Students with an Impairment - LPN 5
PDF (190 KB)  Word DOC (960 KB) 2 April 2012
Circumstances in which a Board can Amend Conditions Imposed by a Tribunal - LPN 6 PDF (177 KB)  Word DOC (960 KB) 2 April 2011
Consideration of Similar Fact Evidence - LPN 8  PDF (222 KB)  Word DOC (957 KB)  1 May 2012 
Reasonable Belief - LPN 11  PDF (233 KB)  Word DOC (972 KB)  10 August 2012 
Practitioners and Students with Impairment - LPN 12  PDF (188 KB)  Word DOC (968 KB)  10 August 2012 
In the Public Interest - LPN 13  PDF (139 KB)  Word DOC (970 KB)  10 September 2012 
Conflict of Interest and how it Applies to the National Law - LPN 14  PDF (225 KB)  Word DOC (973 KB)  10 September 2012 
Procedural Fairness/Natural Justice - LPN 17  PDF (184 KB)  Word DOC (928 KB)  14 November 2013 
Client Legal Privilege - LPN 18 PDF (191 KB)  Word DOC (937 KB)  13 November 2013 
21 Tips for a Successful Performance in the Witness Box... - LPN 19 PDF (62.2 KB)  Word DOC (927 KB)  14 October 2013 
Court or Tribunal Power to Stay a Board Decision - LPN 21  PDF (95.6 KB)  Word DOC (940 KB) 13 December 2013 
Delegations under the National Law - LPN 22  PDF (82.1 KB)  Word DOC (617 KB,DOCX)  3 February 2014 

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