Regulatory Performance Committee

The Regulatory Performance Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Agency Management Committee to strengthen the performance culture across the National Scheme, provide oversight and scrutiny of regulatory performance measures and data, and; providing assurance that any organisational performance related issues, including the consistency of data and statistics are being well managed.

The specific responsibilities of the Committee are to:

  • provide oversight of AHPRA’s management of regulatory performance, including registration, notifications and compliance matters 
  • provide advice on regulatory performance measures and Key Performance Indicators on timeliness, cost and quality 
  • review AHPRA’s quarterly performance reports for registration, notifications and compliance and provide advice to the Board and National Boards on regulatory performance 
  • provide a forum for discussion, review and advice on significant issues of regulatory operational policy.  

The Committee is chaired by Dr Peggy Brown, Member of the Agency Management Committee.

Document title PDF Accessible format Document date
Regulatory Performance Committee Charter PDF 
Word version 
September 2017
Performance Committee annual report 2015-2016 PDF 
Word version 
25 November 2016 
Performance Committee annual report 2015 PDF 
Word version
23 March 2016 

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