Agency Management Committee

Photo of the Agency Management Committee.
From left to right: Mr Ian Smith PSM, Ms Jenny Taing, Dr Peggy Brown, Ms Karen Crawshaw PSM, Ms Philippa Smith AM, Associate Professor Susan Young, Mr Michael Gorton AM, Ms Barbara Yeoh AM

The Agency Management Committee was appointed by the Australian Health Workforce Ministerial Council in September 2012 in accordance with the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act as in force in each state and territory.

The Committee consists of 8 people including:

  • a Chair who is not a registered health practitioner and has not been a health practitioner in the last 5 years
  • at least 2 people with expertise in health and/or education and training
  • at least 2 people with business or administrative expertise who are not current or previous registered health practitioners  

The Agency Management Committee meets up to 11 times per year. Committee meetings are held in two parts. Part One of the meeting is open to the public to attend as observers. The Agency Management Committee publishes a communiqué of monthly meetings which summarises issues discussed and decisions made.

The Management Committee is chaired by Mr Michael Gorton AM.

The Agency Management Committee has established three committees:

Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee

The Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee (FARMC) is the principal committee of the Agency Management Committee which provides oversight of risk at the enterprise level. It is responsible to the Agency Management Committee (AManC) for leadership, strategy and assurance in relation to:

  • the financial strategy, financial performance and sustainability of AHPRA and National Boards,
  • providing recommendations on the integrity and acceptance of the financial statements by the Agency Management Committee,
  • assuring an effective and independent audit and risk assessment function for AHPRA,
  • providing independent advice and assurance to the AManC on processes of governance, risk management and internal control in line with leading practice, and
  • internal processes and controls for ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, codes of conduct and reasonable community expectations.

The Committee is chaired by Ms Barbara Yeoh.

View the Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee page for more information.

Performance Committee

The Performance Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Agency Management Committee to strengthen the performance culture across the National Scheme, oversight and scrutiny of operational performance measures and data, and; providing assurance that any organisational performance related issues, including the consistency of data and statistics are being well managed. 

The specific responsibilities of the Committee are to:

  • ensure that desired outcomes are clearly articulated and measurable performance indicators are established,
  • review the performance of AHPRA in relation to agreed performance outcomes and measures, and 
  • as required, focus on specific issues where performance and/or performance reporting may be raising concerns and any plans for corrective action.  

In fulfilling its responsibilities to the AManC, the Performance Committee reports to the AManC with an Annual Report on its overall program of work.

Document title PDF Accessible format Document date
Performance Committee annual report 2015-2016 PDF 
Word version 
(576 KB,DOCX)
25 November 2016 
Performance Committee annual report 2015 PDF 
Word version
(576 KB,DOCX)
23 March 2016 

Since November 2016 the Committee is chaired by Mr Michael Gorton AM.

Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is established to determine the remuneration policy and performance management framework for AHPRA senior managers.

The Committee is authorised by the Agency Management Committee to:

  • investigate any activity within its Terms of Reference,
  • seek any information it requires from AHPRA employees that is relevant to the operational requirements of the Committee,
  • obtain outside legal, remuneration or other independent professional advice, and
  • secure the attendance of other individuals and authorities from outside the Agency with relevant experience and expertise that is considered necessary for the operational requirements of the committee.

The Committee is chaired by Mr Michael Gorton AM

For further information about the Agency Management Committee or its sub-committees, email

Next Meeting of Agency Management Committee

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